Spent mushroom compost is the soil-like material remaining after growing a crop of mushrooms. The compost is high in organic matter making it desirable for use as a soil amendment or soil conditioner.

Compost prepared specifically for growing mushrooms is a blend of natural products. Common ingredients are wheat straw, alfalfa straw, poultry manure, cottonseed meal, alfalfa seed screenings, cottonseed hulls and gypsum.  Later in the process grain and protein is added and prior to harvesting the 8 inch layer of compost is covered with a 2 inch layer of peat moss and lime.

During the composting process water is added and temperatures will often rise to about 170 degrees.  After compost is made it is pasteurized at 140 degrees and later, after all mushrooms have been harvested the compost is sterilized at 160 degrees for several hours.  Spent mushroom compost will be free of weed seeds and insects.

Spent mushroom compost will vary depending on how long it has been stored in our field.  What type of soil you are applying it to is also important.

There are many uses for mushroom compost. Spent mushroom compost is excellent to spread on top of newly seeded lawns. Since some plants and garden vegetables are sensitive to high salt content in soils, avoid using fresh compost around those plants. You may use spent compost weathered for 6 months or longer in all gardens and with most plants. Obtaining mushroom compost in the fall and winter, allowing it to weather, will make it ready to use in a garden the following spring. Spring and summer are the best time to use weathered material as a mulch.

As a soil amendment, spent compost adds organic matter and structure to the soil. Mushroom compost improves soil structure and its ability to hold water, it also provides a few nutrients.

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