Management Team

Bart Adams


Bart started working at Mountain View Mushrooms in 2003 as the Operations Manager. In November 2012, he purchased the farm, from his father Loyal Adams and business partner James Mantle, and has been the acting CEO ever since. He has a degree in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado. His focus is on improving operations, developing the leadership team, and developing new business opportunities for our mushrooms and mushroom-related products.

Gary Barber

Agriculture Manager

Since 1990, Gary has been the Agriculture Manager overseeing all of the growing operations.  He has been involved in the mushroom industry since his early 20’s and has worked at several mushroom farms across the country.  Gary manages the raw material purchasing, production scheduling, disease control, laboratory, and the sales of mushroom compost.

Brenda Barney

Sales Manager

In 1990, Brenda began managing, coordinating, and planning the sales efforts of mushrooms at this facility.  She works out of her home office in Draper, Utah.  She is always looking for new opportunities to sell mushrooms and mushroom products.  Brenda has a degree in Marketing from Utah State University in Logan, Utah.

Carey Cramer

Facilities Manager

Carey is our newest member of the management team, starting in December of 2018.  He oversees the facilities maintenance staff, as well as, planning and executing new equipment and process improvement projects.

Tony Alcala

Packing & Shipping Manager

In February of 2010, Tony rejoined the Mountain View Mushrooms team as Assistant Packing Supervisor.  Shortly thereafter, he was promoted to Packing/Shipping Manager.  Tony has over 15 years of experience at this facility in various capacities in the picking, packing, and driving departments.  Tony is consistently working on solutions to add value and improve quality for our customers.

Gilberto Gutierrez

Picking Manager

With over 20 years of experience in the picking department at our facility, Gilberto manages the largest department on the farm of nearly 50 people.  Along with estimating production and scheduling pickers, he is responsible for training and managing the pickers and picking process, respectively.

Lisette Garcia


Lisette joined to the team in February of 2013, Lisette started part-time while finishing her degree in Accounting from Dixie State University.  She started full-time in May of 2013.  She oversees accounting functions and payroll.

Mike Sorensen

QAQC Specialist

Mike started in the QA Manager position in October 2023. As the newest member of the management team, he's been eager to support our customers and consumers. We're glad is part of the team.