Picking Lead

Department: Picking

Type: Full-time, Permanent

Schedule: Varies, 1 day off every 5 days including a weekend every 5 weeks

Pay: $13.00 per hour, plus an additional $1 per hour when you are scheduled on the weekend.


A picking lead is part of a picking crew in the Picking department. They are responsible for gather baskets from individual pickers and sorting into wire racks. Picker Leads also track the number of baskets a picker harvests for pay, by marking a punch card. One Picking Lead per day will operate a forklift at move the wire racks from the growing rooms to the packing area, where they will also weight and record the wire rack weights.


  • Ensure pickers are filling baskets with trimmed and sized product
  • Sort baskets into wire racks
  • Mark picker punch cards
  • Clean floors in growing rooms of mushroom trimmings to ensure a safe work environment
  • On a forklift, move wire racks to the packing area
  • Weigh and record wire racks


  • Ability to work in cooler temperatures, rooms are about 65 degrees F
  • Lift up to 50 pounds
  • Drive a forklift after training and testing
  • Assist the pickers
  • Work quickly

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