Department: Picking

Type: Full-time, Permanent

Schedule: Varies, 1 day off every 5 days including a weekend every 5 weeks

Pay: $0.125 per pound picked or $12 per hour whichever is greater. (The crew average is $16 per hour.) Plus an additional $1 per hour when you are scheduled on the weekend.


A picker is part of a picking crew in the Picking department. They are responsible for picking, trimming, and sizing the mushrooms. Pickers pick all types of mushrooms including white button, crimini, and portabello.


  • Picking, trimming, and sizing mushrooms into baskets
  • Use a knife to trim the product according to our customer’s specs
  • Clean up your work area in each room
  • Prepare mushrooms beds for the next day’s harvest


  • Ability to work in cooler temperatures, rooms are about 65 degrees F
  • Lift up to 50 pounds
  • Baskets with picked mushrooms weigh about 2.5 pounds
  • Work from a portable platform called a picking trolley at elevated heights
  • Work quickly

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