Brown Picker/Piscadores de Cafe

Department: Packing and Shipping

Type: Full-time, Permanent

Schedule: Varies, 1 day off every 5 days including a weekend every 5 weeks

Pay: $12 per hour


A picker is part of a picking crew in the Packing and Shipping department. They are responsible for picking, trimming, and sizing the brown mushrooms, including portabellos and criminis. Brown Pickers also support the packing department, as needed.


  • Picking, trimming, and sizing mushrooms into tubs and baskets
  • Use a knife to trim the product according to our customer’s specs
  • Clean up your work area in each room
  • Prepare mushrooms beds for the next day’s harvest
  • Support the packing department


  • Ability to work in cooler temperatures, rooms are about 65 degrees F
  • Lift up to 50 pounds
  • Baskets with picked mushrooms weigh about 5 pounds
  • Work from a portable platform called a picking trolley at elevated heights
  • Work quickly

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